Here's what new at Sentry Marketing: 


Effective 5/13/2019, we will not research or reissue payments dated more than 18 months in the past.  We are updating this policy based on an increasing number of requests to research payments are more than two years old.  We strive to be a company that is highly considerate of variable shopper business partners, the reality is that we simply do not have the resources needed to research payments that far in the past.  We will always do what we can to accommodate requests for assistance, but in this situation, some limits need to placed in order to properly set expectations.  


Launched SePA - Sentry Payment Application

Read about the launch of our new shopper payment application here: 

SePA Announcement 

NOTE:  If you are missing payments, or they have been delayed, please make sure that you have registered for a SePA account here SePA signup, and that a Verified Bank Account has been added to it for deposits. 

Updates to ICA

We've made several changes to the Independent Contractor Agreement (ICA) for Sentry mystery shoppers and merchandisers.  You will be asked to review and confirm the acceptance of the new terms the next time you log in to If you have trouble verifying your DOB to accept the agreement, please try the default '80'.  

The changes include the following: (These apply to all Sentry contractors and project participants) 


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Communication is a critical part of our business.  It is imperative that we are able to contact you to follow up on scheduled or completed assignments.  Please be sure to promptly reply to all contact from our team. 

Texting App

We are launching our new texting app that our schedulers will be using to contact shoppers about open assignments.  There may be a glitch or two along the way and we appreciate your patience as we conduct our rollout of this new communication tool.  In time, the app will be available for two-way conversations and shopper support.  In order to be contacted via text message, please be sure to add your mobile phone number to the appropriate field in your profile. 

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Photos of Food Items

If your assignment requires photos for food items, it is crucial that you take the photo before touching or consuming any part of the item.  The photo should be taken from a top and side angle to show the entree item.  

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Self Assign Added To Specific Project 

We've added the ability for shoppers to be immediately approved for an assignment if they meet all of the self-assign requirements.  The self-assign rules are specific to each project and include criteria such as required contact information in your profile, performance, rotation, number of assignments already scheduled for the client, number of declined shops in the last 30/90/365 days and if you have passed the certification quiz for the specific project.   
It is a good practice to take and pass the certification quiz before applying for an assignment. If we meet the self-assign criteria, the system will automatically approve your applicant and assign the shop to you. If not, your application will be reviewed by one of our team members. 
Not all projects are set up for self-assign. When a project is set up for self-assign, we will be adding the information to the assignment guidelines. 

Certification Emails 

In coordination with self-assign, we are in the process of sending certification results via email after the quiz is submitted. The results email will specify if you passed or failed and will let you know which questions you missed.  The early feedback has been very positive and we hope this new process will help make the assignment preparation process more valuable.